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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use for (the Agreement) constitute a legal agreement between you (or, collectively, with, the licensors and suppliers (if you are an individual or an entity representing "you") Network Services. You agree that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement by using or purchasing the Services or accepting this Agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, accept, use or purchase the Services. If you are a valid subscriber and have a valid account with support, you can obtain the service for a limited period of time if the funds and services are not used at regular intervals, the subscription amount will not be used for paid tariffs. Unit of measurement used in privacy policy, which is integrated with respect to these terms and conditions, which measure viruses’ severe infections, especially in the computer world, which leads to will reduce the ash and the performance of your computer dramatically.


Software, materials, services and alternative information management framework associated with each other and listed in the "Content" menu.

You or you

"You" means that you have an individual, any individual, and any leader you do for yourself.

Services means support and cleaning services on computer and support services provided to phones based on the phone as described in Services include virus diagnostics, virus removal, computer setup, online login protection, e-mail account setup, software installation, printer setup, media support, and more troubleshooting printer and general computer services. Services are subject to change without notice. may suspend or change the Services at its sole discretion.

Software refers to any program used for the Services.
General Technical support services are provided only by phone, online chat, and remote desktop sharing. The service is offered when the Subscriber connects to support as described in The Subscriber authorizes to configure its own computers and delete files that believes are unnecessary for the computer to run. support explicitly allows computer purchase services necessary to provide services to make changes to the registry. Services may require additional programs. Subscriber grants a special authorization to install and use this software system on the Subscriber's computers.


To provide the service, must support a computer or Internet services over the Internet. Broadband Internet access is recommended to avoid delays or service issues. The subscriber alone is responsible for providing access to the Internet and access to his computer. The Subscriber must assist in any way necessary to diagnose the computer and provide the service. Failure to cooperate fully with the representative is a breach of this Agreement. All instructions and steps taken to provide the service must be left to the representative of It ensures that the use of Subscriber Services complies with all applicable IT policies and networks. Before receiving services, the subscriber must have Administrator rights on the computer, have a backup copy of all information stored on the computer, and provide the correct data to

Credit card bills

To activate your service, you may need to provide us with a MasterCard number from the issuer of the card we tend to resolve. By doing so, you can enable to install and / or suspend your MasterCard card with any unpaid service charges or any other dependent vehicle. The MasterCard holder is authorized to make any payments identified here without obligation to create a website and agrees to accept costs such as costs incurred by the Master Cardholder to pay all such amounts. Authorize and / or any other company providing services, bills or products, or act as an invoice agent for to continue to invoice and / or suspend all or part of the amounts shown here and to pay in full for such amounts. At the request of, you agree to provide including updated motherboard information, and the data you have provided in advance is no longer valid at any time. or any Web site will not be responsible for any funds or costs incurred by you attempting to upload and / or suspend your MasterCard. If you inadvertently see a credit area for a paid account instead of MasterCard, you agree to all fees shown here to apply for a credit on this account, unless you provide MasterCard. During automatic payment or electronic funds transfer, you agree that any amount shown here (or if you have already registered) is collected in the option for the account domain provided for this automatic payment or funds. Transport arrangement. e-mail. When you pay by credit or debit card, your payment will also be subject to the terms and conditions set by your credit or debit card organizer. If your credit card, bank transfer, or electronic fund transfer cannot be processed due to lack of funds, we will charge another $ 15.

Disclaimer - The independent support provider- provides all kinds of support for computers, software, peripherals, and broadcasting/streaming devices. has no dependent connections with developers or hardware manufacturers unless the relationship is clearly established. has no relationship with any of the brands or companies unless specifically indicated. The images, trade names and logos on this site are only for the purpose of providing product information. We only provide assistance and there is no guarantee regarding third-party products / services. For these product / service inquiries, the customer shall contact the related manufacturer.

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